A Safe, Easy to Use, Non-Toxic Insecticidal Soap that kills most insects
and leaves no poisonous residue!

Welcome to the Website of Wilson's Woolly Whacker Insecticide.

Where it came from: After years of trying to rid her Hemlock Trees of the Woolly Adelgid, and countless tries with high priced treatments of insecticidal soaps that failed to work, Mama Wilson decided to develope her own. Having ceased the use of commercial pesticides years ago in favor of natural or benign products, she set out on a quest to find a perfect combination of ingredients. Her goal was safe pest control: to find an insecticide that was 1) An Environmentally Safe pesticide 2) A Child Safe pesticide, and 3) A Garden Safe pesticide. Trial and error led to a "family safe" treatment that she has used for the past fifteen years.

How it works: Insecticidal soaps work by smothering the insects. The subjects are soaked with the solution, and as it dries, it clogs their pores and smothers them to death. This is not a fumigating pesticide. It does not produce or kill by toxic vapors. This is not a residual insecticide. It does not leave a residual killing agent, it must actually contact and wet the insect. After it dries, any overspray will wash off in the next rain. The runoff is non toxic and will not negatively affect the ground water. This makes our product ideal for home gardening and organic gardening. You can enjoy home grown food free of any harmful chemical residue.

What it works on: We havent found a bug yet that it won't kill! This spray was originally designed to kill the Woolly Adelgids infesting her Hemlock Trees. Since Ma Wilson hates squishing bugs, she put some of her solution in a spray bottle, sprayed it on the insects she encountered around the house, and found it worked on all of them.

How to use it: Choose a day when rain is not expected for a few hours. In order to work, our solution must dry on the insects to smother them. Mix 1 Ounce (= 2 Tablespoons) Wilson's Woolly Whacker per gallon of water. For Hemlock Tree infestations of the Woolly Adelgid and for ease of use on shrubs, use a hose end sprayer available at most Home and Garden stores or Nurseries. Hold the Sprayer close to the plant and thoroughly drench the tree or shrub on both sides of the leaves (topside and underside) and on it's trunk. On Woollies you will have to hold the sprayer close enough to force the solution into the fuzzy egg sacks.

That's all there is to it. Let it dry and they will die! (Maybe we should make that our slogan...).

Other thoughts: We do not recommend this product for indoor plants. We have also never tried it on indoor plants. As far as we can see, the same soap that smothers the insect, might build up in layers if not washed off, and subsequently smother the plant. If you regularly mist your plants, it might work, because that will wash off the leftovers, and the runof will not harm the plant, but we haven't been able to test it.

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